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Guest web_norah


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Guest web_norah

release date:

subscribers: 5/7/04

usa/r.o.w.: 14/9/04

Every so often, techno throws us a truly classic album, made by an artist with bags of personality and character. Akufen’s My Way (Force Inc., 2002) was one; a heart-stealing blend of gorgeous, glitchy soundscapes, created in self-imposed isolation by - of all people - a former butcher. As Akufen (Marc Leclair) prepares to record his follow-up, Fabric presents his first ever DJ mix CD, showcasing some of the sharpest new record labels and producers. ‘Fabric 17’ was meticulously planned, and recorded in one take, using two turntables and a mixer. Akufen records for Perlon, and Musique Risquée, and has remixed Richie Hawtin, Massive Attack, Cabaret Voltaire, and Yello.

Akufen: “The first time I touched turntables was in London. It was in 1993, I think, and I was there for a vacation. The march against the Criminal Justice Bill was taking place in the streets, and I joined. I demonstrated like everyone else. There, I met some of my closest friends and I got to know my wife through them on that trip too. I stayed at their place and one of the guys was DJing. I waited for him to go out of the apartment so that I could grab a few records and try it. Unbelievably, the first two records I ever mixed were perfectly in synch. When my career started as a musician, DJing got swept under the carpet.

‘Fabric 17’ is a minimal house tour-de-force, bursting with energy, excitement, and invention. The 21 tracks perfectly describe our new 4/4 ethic – keep it clever, catchy, and brilliantly detailed – and are beautifully mixed in an extremely individual style. Akufen’s love of Henri Mancini, and all things quirky, bleeds from the grooves; check The Rip Off Artist’s hymn to poverty meeting Senor Coconut, or the drug-addictive Crackhaus for evidence.

"I always love risk taking when it comes to my mixing. Marrying the most awkward music together often turns out to be crazy and sexy. And I strongly believe that if it's done right, it'll compliment the artist’s work while challenging the listener's mind. It's all a matter of momentum, like time doesn’t exist anymore. Ninety percent of the people on this CD are close friends of mine. Right from the beginning my goal was to put as many of those people on this record. My manager said ‘You can’t please everyone,’ but I thought I had to try. I think I found a way. It took me God knows how many hours before I thought I had it right.â€

More information and biography at: www.fabriclondon.com or www.fabriclondon.com/press

01 Philippe Cam LFO Drive [Traum]

02 Matthew Dear Dog Days (Pantytec Remix) [Ghostly Intl./Spectral]

03 Cabanne Karashik [Karat]

04 Krikor 1968(Ark Remix) [battle]

05 Pantytec Alabaster [Perlon]

06 Kalabrese Set Me Free [Perlon]

07 The Rip Off Artist Little Tiny Eight Inch Jack [Vertical Form]

08 Seňor Coconut Smoke On The Water [multiColor]

09 dub.e.us Blood Red [Lyin' Beats] [Fair Park]

10 Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme Bobb [Freude Am Tanzen]

11 S-max Red Fibreglass [7th City]

12 Ultrakurt M'Gell [Telegraph]

13 Herbert Close To Me [!K7]

14 Freaks Instrument (Soul Capsule On It Remix) [Music For Freaks]

15 Crackhaus Ample Slacks [Onitor]

16 Mossa Bucolik [Circus Company]

17 Luciano & Serafin Yaki Soba [Telegraph]

18 Soul Center Funky Sterling [Mute]

19 Horror Inc. Siamese Twins (Mike Shannon Mix) [Revolver Canada]

20 Jeff Milligan In My Life

21 Stephen Beaupré My Old Lady [Musique Risquée]

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Guest joeygk

I haven't liked any of the Fabric CDs since no.9 (SLAM) - but this one looks worth checking out.

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Guest web_norah

i love james lavelles fabric.......just ordered fabric: plump djs too.. 8)

plump djs all the way

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