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Guest klit

I'm not one that usually posts anything negative about kerry but one thing that does bug me is that you just don't know where he stands on certain issues. I want to know his stance on haiti for example and in looking for that sort of information was only able to find him mention haiti once this year and I found it to be quite strange.

On his reaction to Aristide leaving power, Kerry said he would have sent troops to Haiti even without international support to quell the revolt against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to protect democracy. I find that stament pretty odd considering his stance on iraq. He is criticizing bush for not building a real international coalition before going into iraq, but for Haiti he would go regardless of what other countries thought. He would put his troops lives at risk to help keep a corrupt aristide in power who poses no threat to national security just for what he believes was the best interest of democracy. I'm not gonna start on how horrible of a decision that would have been if it was to promote democracy in haiti. Just wanted to say found it quite odd he has that stance while a completely different one in iraq.

Reason why I want to know his stance on Haiti and for him to publicly speak about it is recent violence in Haiti that is created by aristide loyalists hoping to gain media attention here to show that Bush's decision on Haiti was a mistake. They are under the impression that kerry would send back aristide and at their marches have been walking around with kerry posters and etc.

Anyways here is an interesting article about something that may influence kerry's stance on haiti


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