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Guest Pasqual

Why It's Cool: The men resemble vikings and the women look like runway models. Iceland's capitol likes to think of itself as a seat of European culture.

While in Reykjavík, check out Skuggabar (that's the "Shadow Bar") in the Hotel Borg (insert Star Trek joke here). We also recommend a visit to Café Astro.

clubs/bars in Reykjavik and the age of the people who frequent them.

Prikid -- 18-24

Stigamot -- 18-24

Astro -- 22-35

Skuggabarinn -- 22-35

Hverfisbarinn -- 25-40

Leikhuskjallarinn -- 25-40

Glaumbar -- 25-35

Gaukurinn -- 25-35

Kaffi Reykjavik -- 35-65

Kaffibrennslan -- 18-35

Thomsen -- 18-24

Bar 101 -- 18-24

Spotlight (gay) -- 18-65

Solon Islandus -- 18-30

There are a lot of black men in Pianobarinn in Hafnarstraeti (downtown Reykjavik), and a lot of pretty girls that are especially intrigued by the black myth...

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