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Guest Clarisa

I thought this was funny and informative

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Guest Clarisa

Dear Prudie,

Several times in my life, I've been in the embarrassing situation where I don't know how to make eye contact with someone who has a "lazy eye" (or amblyopia). Either I focus entirely on their good eye, or my eyes nervously dart back and forth between their eyes. Eyes are an incredibly powerful way of communicating, and when someone has a disability that prevents them from making full eye contact, I get panicky and don't know where to focus. Do you have any advice on what to do in this situation?

—The Man Behind Hazel Eyes

Dear Man,

Ah yes, Prudie, too, has struggled with this, and while "panicky" seems more than the situation calls for, it is socially awkward. Trying to be nonchalant while talking with someone who is walleyed gives literal meaning to the saying, "One does not know where to look." The best tactic would probably be to try and take in the whole face with your gaze, but if this is not possible, zero in on the good eye. It will be less disconcerting than focusing on the bad one.

—Prudie, unswervingly

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