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Miss Kitten - Frank Sinatra

It's on Danny Tenaglia's Athens GU cd..

Vinyl came out a few years ago..


..Something for your mind, your body, and your soul

It's the power, it's larouse curiosity..

The purpose, the goal which one acts on..

A journey of force, hot like the sun and wet like the rain..

Rhythmatic movements in unison with others prolong and acts of sensations, with no limits or boundaries..

Eternity is past..

Wrong is right..

It's the point of greatest intensity..

Pleasures of the highest sense..

Feelings of warmth and security..

Willing and unwilling sensation's of the mind..

A condition..

The ultimate seduction..

..."THE REALM"..

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Forget Napster, if you want to get all the new, good shit, then go and dl www.audiogalaxy.com trust me, its good! cwm20.gif




Do You Hear It?? Its Coming......


When I Think About You... My Feelings Cant Explain..Why After All This Time..My Feeling...

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