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Experience The Ambient Sounds Of Rodd P.


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You know when you're watching

that slightly disturbing movie

and the music just pulls you in

with it's sonic otherworldliness?

You can't help but lean forward

and get sucked into the ambience.

That is what Rodd P.'s "Deep" is about.

"Deep" is Rodd P.'s first self-produced

indie-released debut EP, featuring four

original mid-to-up tempo "trance-groove"


His music is awash in keyboards and

drum loops and carries a laid-back vibe

unfalteringly throughout the disc.

Rodd P.'s music flows, gyrates, and

seeps into your subconscious. It plants a seed. When harvest time comes, look out.

Although Rodd P. resides in Wisconsin,

this is music of L.A., N.Y. and any other

big-time initials you can find.

"Deep," available on line at: http://www.mp3.com/RoddP

*Check It Out NOW!*


Track 1: "Didn't Mean To Hurt You" http://chooser.mp3.com/cgi-bin/play/play.cgi/AAIAQm_FCADABG5vcm1QBAAAAFKwqQEAUQEAAABDXzvsOvFPk2rzBJX33h1jRcqZvVo-/didn_t_mean_to_hurt_you.mp3

Track 2: "You Don't Know Me" http://chooser.mp3.com/cgi-bin/play/play.cgi/AAIAQrzFCADABG5vcm1QBAAAAFKwqQEAUQEAAABDXzvsOtIv2csVQXusHjWpF7itlJg-/you_don_t_know_me.mp3

Track 3: "New Millenium" http://chooser.mp3.com/cgi-bin/play/play.cgi/AAIAQhnGCADABG5vcm1QBAAAAFKwqQEAUQEAAABDXzvsOu7yZ3hLoUO9FmeAb39o9vU-/new_millenium.mp3

Track 4: "On my Way" http://chooser.mp3.com/cgi-bin/play/play.cgi/AAIAQpNyDADABG5vcm1QBAAAAFKwqQEAUQEAAABDXzvsOnZrcZ47v5m0PtKl3iFz2jU-/on_my_way.mp3


Coming Soon! Rodd P.'s second

self-produced indie-released CD,

entitled, "Deeper Than Deep/Time Capsule,"

featuring fourteen mid-to-up tempo

"exotic-trance-groove" instrumentals.

Check out the "Firecat" of a review

by Patrick Fineran-Sounding Board at: http://artists.mp3s.com/info/108/rodd_p2.html

Currently Seeking Professionals:

legal representation, management, sponsors

film/tv sound track placement, brick & mortar dist./consignment, promotion, radio air play-college/commercial, live performance/booking: festivals, up scale-clubs, major opening acts, major arena events, and charity events.

E-mail Address:roddp@hotmail.com

Site Title: MP3.com - Rodd P.

Website URL: http://www.mp3.com/RoddP

Radio Station Site Title: MP3.com - RODD P.'s GROOVE PALACE

Radio Station Site Url: http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/112/rodd_ps_groove_palace.html

Song Title: "Didn't Mean To Hurt You"

Full Name: Rodd P./Capricorn Entertainment/Productions

Description: Site features artists current releases, genre: instrumental "trance-groove," bio, in depth info, reviews, New release info, image gallery, links, forum, message board, radio station, free mp3 download, mega indie-industry links, and much more.

This message is brought to you by:

*Capricorn Entertainment/Productions*

Sponsored by: ((HYYPE.com)) http://www.theindependentartist.com/cgi-theindependentartist/intellilink/in.cgi?id=990650103

E-mail: PRESS@HYYPE.com

Add this banner to your site:

<A HREF="http://www.mp3.com/RoddP">Experience The Sounds Of Rodd P.<br><img src="http://images.mp3.com/mp3s/62/rodd_p2/image.jpg"border=0></A>


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