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Remixes "richie luzzi"


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I like the DJ Ranpage ET Mix. There are a couple others but that one is my favorite. Extreme records released then all together so its easy to grab.


"Anybody can mix two records together but it takes a DJ to be able to do it creativley and make new sound out of that music" --A great wise man

"Spinning is like creating a new world in that room for that one night. You create a one night oblivion where nothing outside that room matters, all that matters is feeling the music and loving every second of it." --Another great wise man

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Who did the new mixes?? Anyone special??


..Something for your mind, your body, and your soul

It's the power, it's larouse curiosity..

The purpose, the goal which one acts on..

A journey of force, hot like the sun and wet like the rain..

Rhythmatic movements in unison with others prolong and acts of sensations, with no limits or boundaries..

Eternity is past..

Wrong is right..

It's the point of greatest intensity..

Pleasures of the highest sense..

Feelings of warmth and security..

Willing and unwilling sensation's of the mind..

A condition..

The ultimate seduction..

..."THE REALM"..

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There is a really hot mix on one of the CD's I got from Mondo Music "Xtreme Afterhours" it sthe Eddie Baez Mix with Digital Allies, but the introduction is hot some girl couting down the song when it hits hard. I can upload it to you if you want , both tracks..

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