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To the motherfucker who deleted the old locker, I hope the absolute worse for you.

You are not even worth the shit streaks on my toilet bowl.

And begin

New locker with around 60 songs recently uploaded by me.


1. If you want to be a member you must be voted in. by a selected group of locker members hand picked by me on the basis of previous locker participation.

2. There will be 2 locker administrators to oversee locker activity.

3. You must provide a list of 10 new songs that you can upload to the locker. not 9 but 10.

4. The locker password will be randomly changed when ever I feel to do so.

5. People who do not like to share music will not be a member, people who constantly put other people down will not be members either, if people do not like this rule, to

bad, this is a private locker for individuals who care about music.

With these new rules I try to provide a stable secure locker so that members can

benifit from listening and promoting music

that we can enjoy.


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TorontoTrance, Imcd7176, Sexacty911, clubgodraver.

are so far new locker members.

we shall begin from here, to those that

I did not mention i know who you are

and you will be admited in due time,

this process is slow and tedious but it

is for the best.

peace Mane

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yea i didnt get it either... i have a couple song i wanna upload... all vocals and dubs cwm7.gif ...

1. Backstreet Boys - The Call (DUB) <~ maybe cheese but still a pretty good beat...

2. Dream - He Loves You Not (HQ2 Mix)

3. Samantha Mumba - Baby Come Over (Vocal Mix)

4. Becca - You Make Me Feel (Bradski and Je)

5. Mandy Moore - In My Pocket (Thunderdub) & (Thunderpuss mix)

6. Jennifer Lopez - Play (Thunderdub)

7. Sarina Paris - Look At Us (UNKNOWN MIX)<~~ best mix ive heard




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yo mane whats the deal brother... im down to get back in.. i just got a whole bucnh of stuff to contribute


"don't get attached to anything you're not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat coming around the corner"

Robert Deniro



Email: msoprano13@yahoo.com

Ganster-01.gifim gonna make you an offer you cant refuse

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