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You animal lovers will not believe this.........

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Guest swirlundergrounder

Help Free Horribly Neglected Dog and His Would-Be Rescuer

A long-time animal advocate, Brian Vincent, could face jail time and a

hefty fine for trying to rescue a horribly neglected dog in Chalfant,

California -- a tiny hamlet near the resort town of Mammoth Lakes in the

Eastern Sierras. Brian was arrested February 8 by Mono and Inyo County

law enforcement when he was found with the dog while driving outside of

Chalfant. He acknowledged taking the dog from the residence because the

dog's guardian refused to provide proper shelter and care and because

local animal control officials, who had received numerous complaints

about the animal's condition, had repeatedly failed to enforce animal

cruelty laws to protect the dog. Brian was charged with petty theft then

incarcerated for three days in the Inyo County Jail in Independence. He

was released on $5,000 bail. His trial begins this month in Mono County.

Unfortunately, the arresting officers returned the dog, a terrier mix

who resembles the Hollywood canine Benji, to the guardian.

Brian has defended his actions because the dog was suffering from

terrible neglect that Mono County Animal Control, the agency responsible

for enforcing animal cruelty statutes, had largely ignored. For example,

the dog's shelter consists of a cardboard box with no insulation from

the cold. In addition, the dog is always kept outside on a very short

chain even during inclement weather and at night. According to the

guardian's own admission, the dog is not allowed inside. She indicated

the dog is taken for a walk about once every two weeks, otherwise he is

left on the chain. The guardian also admitted that for an entire year

she kept him penned underneath a trampoline encircled with netting.

Brian, who has been monitoring the dog's situation for over two months,

also discovered that the dog rarely had water available, the dog's fur

was matted with feces, and the yard was littered with garbage including

sharp objects and chemicals that pose a hazard to the dog. Brian, along

with other

local residents, reported these incidents to Animal Control. Despite

such complaints, the agency has failed to act promptly or adequately.

According to Animal Control officials, the department has been "working

with the owner for a year" to improve the dog's situation. Yet, the dog

has remained in deplorable conditions for a year.

Brian said he is prepared to go to jail because he believes trying to

save the dog was his moral responsibility. His only regret is that the

dog was returned to the guardians who so neglected him. He is urging

Animal Control to remove the dog from the premises and to place him with

a family who will care for him. In addition, he has called on Mono

County authorities to fire Animal Control Director Nancy Boardman and

Control Officer Angelle Nolan for their failure to enforce the law.

Photos and video footage of the dog are available. Please contact Brian

for more details.


Contact the Mono County District Attorney. Urge the DA to:

Enforce animal cruelty laws by removing "Benji" from his current

home in Chalfant and placing him in a family that will love and care

for him

Drop all charges against Brian Vincent

In addition, mention that Mono County should fire Animal Control

Director Nancy Boardman and Control Officer Angelle Nolan for failing to

safeguard the dog.


Mono County District Attorney

P.O. Box 617

Bridgeport, CA 93517


(760) 932-5550

Donate to Brian's legal defense fund. To donate contact attorneys Evans

& Page at 415-293-8592

Forward this alert to other animal advocates

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