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Guest saintjohn

Octane or cocaine?

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Guest saintjohn

When her trusty 1996 Toyota Camry suddenly turned sluggish last week, a Slidell woman took it to an auto shop where a mechanic discovered a little problem with the fuel pump: It was clogged by plastic bags containing $40,000 worth of cocaine.

It seems someone, possibly the previous owner, hid two kilograms of cocaine in the gas tank before the woman and her husband bought the Toyota from a used-car lot near Slidell in 1997, authorities said.

"For the last eight years, they've been hauling around $40,000 worth of cocaine in the gas tank, oblivious to their illicit cargo," said St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman James Hartman.

The woman brought the car to the shop after it began decelerating on its own last week, he said.

Having ruled out electrical, transmission and engine problems, the mechanic checked the fuel system and discovered two bricks of powder cocaine in plastic bags wrapped around the fuel pump. The bags had apparently come loose recently, inhibiting the flow of gasoline to the engine.

"That's a serious problem, because everyone knows fuel should be rated on octane, not cocaine," Hartman said.

The auto shop notified the Sheriff's Office about the discovery March 23.

Detectives investigated the couple and concluded they are not involved in drug trafficking, said Hartman, who declined to release their names "lest the rightful owners of the cocaine come calling."

He said the couple was shocked to learn that their "fully loaded" car had come complete with narcotics that now have a street value of more than 25 times that of the vehicle, which is worth about $1,500.

Detectives are working with the used-car dealer to identify the Toyota's previous owner. Detectives suspect that the cocaine was stashed in the gas tank in the hopes of masking the smell from drug-sniffing dogs.

Meanwhile, the "drugmobile" has been fixed, detoxed and returned to the owners.

"This odd incident might inspire would-be buyers of previously owned vehicles to have them thoroughly checked out by a mechanic first," Hartman said. "Otherwise, they could end up sitting, quite literally, on something not covered by the state's lemon law."


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Guest Cosmigonon

Is the coke still good ???


I was thinking the exact same thing... :P

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Guest cutchemist

great minds think alike...if the coke was in there for 8 years...i dunno...but gas isn't misable (doesn't mix) with much cuz its a vapor at RT (room temp) and coke is a solid...

-in theory

it should be good....cuz what ever gas did get on is can be dried out easily

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