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Favorite Song of All Time


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So I'm wondering, what does everyone think was the best club song? Maybe not the best, but what's your favorite one? I know, I know, it's so hard to choose, but there's one that sticks out in my mind and always will:

Plasmic Honey - THE FUNERAL

Gimme some feedback and opinions... cwm7.gif

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i posted this same topic like a month or two ago, and shit, did i get ripped into for the list of my all-time favorite songs. i know they were cheese, but those were the songs that used to make the crowd explode last summer. but anyway, im not gonna list em all again, but instead pick one. and i think it would have to be.....

Emma Chaplain-Spente La Stella

song just sounded PHAT in exit


DJ Ignite....Ignite Your Senses

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I agree with a-tip.

BTW-anything by pvd


Brian Transeau (BT) on Music

Totally. I love what guys like Oliver Lieb and Paul Van Dyk do. I hate that ATB and those sorts of people have prostituted this stuff. You listen to an ATB track and then you listen to Sasha, and the difference is as obvious as listening to Led Zeppelin and Rachmaninoff.

Laurent Garnier on Music

For Garnier it's also a question of quality. "The problem is a lot of things I hear out here on the radio are not trance - I mean that ATB track I heard the other day - is this trance? This is fucking Tellytubbies music."

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Plastic Dreams......Deep Dish dropped a remix of it this past Thursday at Centro.....that song is timeless.


The only difference between a saint and a sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.....Oscar Wilde

AIM: DZnyc

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Airwave: Rank 1 (JV rmx)

On and on: Donna Delory (JV marathon mx)

Lightning: Future Primitive

The Future: Future Primitive

Stomp: Sal Dano

Partyalarm: Aquagen

Ihr Seid So Leise: Aquagen

We will Survive: Aquagen Rmx

Phatt Bass: Aquagen More bass mx

Ezekial 25:17: Josh Collins

Raise your glowstix: Josh Collins (original)

The Beginning: Xavier Jacome

Let's Go all the way: React (Johnny vicious rmx)

The Buildup: Razor n Guido

The Drums: Cosmic Gate

Running (Out of time): Cosmic Gate

Guided By The Beat: Bushmen

The First tribal Feeling: Magna

Feel The Drums: Magna

X-99: JV

The Chocolate Track: Whachamacalit

Magnetic Groove: 68 beats

Revolution: Superchumba

Versus: Tomcraft vs. Sunbeam

The Mission: Dj Tomcraft

Women Beat their men: Junior Cartier

Voodoo Drums: Kult of Krameria


"The desire of a kingdom knows no kindred" (Sir Thomas More "The History of King Richard III" 64).

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Let's see.....

Brainbug - Rain (JV, EB)

Dollshead - (My Fav Victor Calderone track)

SRC - Vulcan (JV)

Whitney - SSDC (JP)

Cher - One By One (Junyaaaaaaa)

Mel C (Hex)

Jorio - Remember Me (Junyaaaa)

Blondie - Nothing Is Real But The Girl(Danny)

No Mercy - Kiss You All Ova (JV)

Hannah Jones - WTCN (JP)

Sade - Pearls (JV)

Cher - All or Nothing (Danny)

Whitney - I Learned From The Best (Junyaa & Hex)

Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend


~*~I found myself trying to change you...

...If you were meant to be my lover I wouldn't have to*~*

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