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Ray (spoilers for those who didnt see it)

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finally months later i decided to buy Ray on dvd. what a spectacular film. Jamie Fox was truly deserving of the OScar. He really was Ray Charles Robinson.

The story of a true musical genius ( He would come up with his timeless immemorial hits off the top of his head; one when he was forced to play 20 min longer at a jazz club or break his contract).

His bold move to not play in the South "Jim Crow" states because of racial segregation, an example to all.

His early childhood was indeed traumatic with his witniesssing the death of his brother George, causing him to go down the path of heroin for a large portion of his life.

After rehab, by the end he came to the realization that he would "no longer be a cripple" as his mother had told him never to be because of his blindness. He came to terms that it was not his fault that his brother died and he never used heroin again.

Though ray was not always the most "good of men" ( he did have an affair on the road and fathered a child with one of his backup singers), he did take care of them and his wife and family at the same time though.

Sometimes, he was portrayed as more of a businessman then a thoughtful individual throughout the film though. Firing long time friends and also moving from his record label Atlantic to Abc-Paramount because he got a way better deal .

Nevertheless, Ray was a true inspiration of a movie and the man was perfectly portrayed by Jamie Fox :)

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