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Jade Empire on Xbox

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sick rpg mixes action elements with rpg elements.

easy battle system. graphics will blow u away. awesome story and voice overs

only negative i read is its a 20-25 hr rpg which is not too long..... though the game has lots of replay since u its highly customizable

here is a review of the game.


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ahh havent seen the commercials.... dont watch tv much

i am trying NOT to go out anymore...so thats pretty much what i do...

:P get jade empire.. xbox is worth it even though its on its last yr. for games like jade empire, knights of republic and halo 2 :)

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xbox shortage? didnt know about that.. it took me about 28 hrs to beat. not a long rpg but man its sickkkkkkkkkkk

mind u i didnt do a few subquets.

playin game again as a bad guy

game is different if u go down the good or bad bath...... and dialgoue and scenes i hear change if ur a male or female

i was a good female first time thru. now ill be an evil male

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