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Guest patmc

Beatport: Crack For Music Junkies? Part One

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Guest patmc

Beatportaholics Anonymous

My name is Patrick and I have a confession to make. I am a beatportaholic. I have been beatporting for a couple of months now, starting out with a track here, a track there, but it has grown into an all consuming habit, which has invaded every facet of my life. This week I have spent over two hundred dollars on tracks, and have been forced to eat spaghetti from a can as I can no longer afford proper food. Yesterday I was so desperate to get the Nalin and Kane remix of Café Del Mar that I broke into my neighbours apartment and mugged him for his laundry money, all for a couple of tunes. For those unfamiliar with the potent and addictive new drug the Kids are calling "Beatport" or simply "Port", allow me to fill you in.

Cro-Magnon Music

The missing link in the brave new world of the digital DJ, legal MP3 download sites catering purely for Dance are quickly becoming an irreplaceable weapon in the arsenal of the twenty first century tech-jock. At the head of the pack lies Beatport, a hulking green monster, carrying everything from minimal techno to hard trance to old school classics, all in one highly polished and incredibly user friendly website.

Tracks are priced between one and two dollars each making it an extremely cost effective way to build one's collection of cutting edge Dance music. With an extensive catalogue, encompassing some of the biggest labels around (subliminal, azuli, etc...) and a whole host of other smaller independents, beatport is creating a serious stir in the world of electronic music.

Any Port In A Storm

Heresy was the cry when Erick Morillo traded in his battle hardened techincs for his trusty CDJ-1000s all those years ago(3?). No one could fathom how he was going to make the transition from vinyl to CD’s without a hitch yet here he is on top of the heap, ruling dancefloors from New York to Sydney with his inimitable house stylings. For established DJ’s, obtaining tracks on CD is not difficult, all they need do is pick up the phone and they instantly have every new release from Berlin to Bischmark dropping through their letter box like steaming hot droplets of dance doo doo.

For a long time though, it was very hard for your average Jock on the street to obtain cutting edge dance music in a digital format, with most labels releasing their songs only on vinyl and so the adoption of digital turntables has been slow in this arena. Digital download sites such as Beatport are now allowing more and more DJ’s to obtain and use a greater variety of music in their sets, whilst at the same time ensuring that smaller labels and artists get greater exposure for their work and more revenue. Obviously the problems of peer to peer file sharing will always exist, but in such a niche market as dance music, you have to hope that the sheer rarity of most tracks will mean that people are forced to pay for the beautiful music that they crave so much.


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