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Guest patmc

Beatport: Crack For Music Junkies? Part Two

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Guest patmc

Continued from part one.

The answer to our problems?

Whether or not digital dance download sites will help stem the flow of music piracy in this sector is uncertain. Better itunes style authentication would seem to be the way forward and would stop all but the most unscrupulous Jake the Pegs from bootlegging tracks, but how will this go down with the customers? I for one enjoy the fact that all tracks come in vanilla MP3 format, ready for live remixing straight from the crate.

There are many who say, just as I used to, that the art of DJing will be lost in the digital world and they may have a point. There is definitely something sterile about mixing with a computer compared to mixing with vinyl but being a DJ is not simply about being able to beat match two tracks together and seamlessly fade between one and other. It is, as we all know, about choosing the right tracks for the right moment, working a crowd and orchestrating them into a frenzy – so much so that you can get them to do pretty much anything, even dance the funky chicken to hard trance.

Digital downloads and mixing tools will no doubt make the DJing apprenticeships of future dance floor hero’s a considerably less arduous one. Competition will be fierce, styles will inevitably have to change and innovation will be the key to success. Time after time, periods of artistic and cultural revolution have provided us with some of the most brilliant works the world has seen both Artistically and Musically.

Whether this will have the same sort of impact is also unclear, but what is for certain is that by using sites like Beatport and Trax2Burn, DJ’s and producers will begin to get exposure to a much wider range of musical genres. I cannot count the amount of times I have walked into a record shop and headed straight for the house section with the blinkers on, avoiding every other musical style in the store. And every time I did, I probably missed out on many many brilliant songs, which didn’t even get a look in. In the digital world, the shopping experience is more akin to going on a musical journey. Moving between artists, labels and genres seamlessly, every new logon provides you with a completely different experience for you and your audience, hopefully expanding horizons as you go.

The next five years hold many unanswered questions for those who worship at the temple of Dance music, especially here in the US. Will the scene survive the Bush administration and beyond? Will Hip Hop’s dominance over house and other styles continue? Will vinyl use be confined to the realm of novelty clocks and dominatrix sex toys? Whatever the outcome, it appears that digital dance music is here to stay, and if the DJ’s and producers of today are the pioneers in this brave new world then sites such as Beatport are truly our Plymouth Rock. Now, can anyone lend me ten bucks?

By PatrickM

[email protected]

Patrick is a part time DJ, producer and writer, originally from London but now living in Brooklyn. He can be found drunk most nights in the bars and clubs of Manhattan. If you ever have the misfortune of meeting him in his usual inebriated state and you buy him a drink, he promises to include you in any credits he may ever write, be it on a book, a cd or just a soggy beer mat.

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Guest swirlundergrounder

I get something off of B.P almost daily. But I've learned over the years to control my music buying habits because the more music you buy the more mistakes you make and the more money and space is wasted. Music is great! Collecting music is great! But it's not worth breaking your bank and eating tuna and Top Ramen and in my case ruining your credit for. I've just now fixed my credit in the past year from it being ruined nearly 10 years ago...

1)Earn money

2)Save a little money

3)Pay your bills

4)Buy all the music you want after all that

Besides, for every song that you think you missed out on today another good song will come around tommorow.....

So don't crack out!!!

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