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Guest trancepriest

Any Extraordinay Geeks?

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Guest trancepriest

I was wondering if they're any extraordinary geeks on CJ. For example... do you monitor your entire house or property by WiFi enabled cameras when your in Aspen skiing? Do you have an SGI workstation. do you have a media server for your entire house... interconnected to your plasma TV/Stereo. Do you use your PSP as a PVR downloading from bitTorrent or any other source? Do you work on clusters doing genome recombinations? Heck... do you work on any super computer? Could you hack into my computer if you knew my IP?

Tired of socializing with people of regular predictable capacities? If you're then I'm looking forward to forming a society of extraordinay technology enthusiasts. This society will discuss and implement various concepts at the fore front of technology... issues guaranteed to keep a curious mind busy. This will be a technological concepts and early adapter society where membership will will depend on contributions in those areas. PM me for membership and access to our site.

non-geeks need not apply.

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