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Napster, what else now

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Morpheus and KaZaa are the same exact program except Morpheus let's you d/l at all different kbps for mp3's. When kaZaa only let's you d/l at 128 kbps (near c-d quality)

also i have both programs and you can't run at the same time since there on the same network. both support resume features, both have multiple different search options whether it's audio video documents or software. i used kaZaa for 2 months prior to finding The morpheus program and other than the 128 kbps thing overall you better off with Morpheus program, it has worked better for me.


Stay Far From Timid, Only Make Moves When Your Hearts In It, And Live The Phrase "Sky's The Limit" - The Notourious BIG (R.I.P.)


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