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hard tribal tracks

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im starting to lean away from the 145 bpm stuff when i go out and im starting to feel some tribal stuff.....can anyone recommmend some tribal tracks?



Underground will live forever baby!!..We just like ROACHES....we never die...always livin!

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Its All About The Drums:

Chemical Brothers-Africa(White Label)

Dan Robbins-DBD(Chanting In The Dark)<<<Hot!! Remake of Flibber Jib

Dj Dero-Tuk Tak!

Dj Motion feat Sommer Trella-Crazy Drum(Paul Johnson Mix)

Dj Jes-Musical Ethics(Fallen In Love Mix)

Headstate-Feel The Vibe(Full On Mix)

Love Tattoo-Drop Some Drums<<<HOT!!

Pete The Zouk-The First Tribal Feeling

Shunji Moriwaki-Action(Double D Mix)

Simon Digby-Tribal Theory

Soul Providers-Rise(Steve Lawler Mix)<<<HOT!!!!

Suburbans-Feel Your Soul<<<HOT!!

Suzanne Palmer-Hide U(Mike Macaluso DUB)<<<SICK!!

The Youngsters-Spanish Harlem<<<HOT!!!

Trisco-Musak(Linus mix)

anything by Tribalation..

These I got in last 2 months all Tribal should get ya started...I Luv Tribal...as u can see....



---its my life and I'm livin' it now!---you don't even know me!!!---

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yeah, i'll have to agree with the D-O-G:

Love Tattoo- Drop Some Drums.......HOT HOT HOT.......

i have this crazy white label, too....it's really hard.....Electric Envoy- "Night Shift" and the b-side is "maze".....night shift is just insane, though.....

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