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A ?? for DJ JustinH

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Yo Justin, do you know when pressure or Diamonds is gonna be released....LOL j/k

Na I just wanted to say whats up and I hope to finally meet you tomorrow night. I got more of a request. You got me listening to "Acid Kills Your Brain" Sick Song!!! You gotta drop that tomorrow night..2 of my friends are candy flippin tomorrow..love to see the expression on there faces when they hear that..what a bugout song. Otherwise just gonna enjoy the beats. I'll come up and say hi. Cant wait to get the CD.



YaY to all my P-E-E-ps who BUMP and grind their way through this K-razy life

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Acid Kills Your Brain will be played..

It is also on the demo we are throwing out into the crowd tommorow night!


Be Safe!




Resident DJ @ Club Exit's Red Room.

Patience is a virtue... and that I have learned!

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