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song id at exit...draper

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draper has been playing this song for maybe a month now...its a really fast beat....he usually plays it around 2-3 oclock....it sounds like an arab song or something...i heard it might be hole in the wall....any clues...????

the beat....kind of goes.....

da da da daaa daaa da da de de da da da

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Like they said Charge, btw sick ass song, it may be cheese or whatver, but fuck it, its sick!

Sergeant Pepper-Charger(Aj Duncan Mix)




Don , Don ....

It's Someone On The Phone Again..

I Think Its Your Neighbors Again...

Yeah, They Want You To Turn Your Music Down...

Yea, I'll Tell 'Em...


When I Think About You... My Feelings Cant Explain..Why After All This Time..My Feelings...

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I know if this true but someone told me that Charge was a song played on the Battlefield to tease the French during one of the wars maybe between England and France, I suck at history though. Can anyone confirm this ?

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