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how did things go last nite? unfortunatley i couldnt fuckin make it. and plans got canceled at last minute too. about 7 pm last nite was when i ofund it we werent going cuz everyone that was gonna go dropped out.

so how was the main floor? and justin, how was the redroom? i really wanted to come and here u, and say wassup. im mad pissed that i couldnt get there last nite.

i should be up soon, but b/c of work, i dont know when ill be able to get there. cwm3.gif



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It was great to meet you guys last night!

Justin it was cool to hang out with you too. Great job, even with no CD player and only one good turntable. Hope to see all of you again.


Dave Merces


"Anybody can mix two records together but it takes a DJ to be able to do it creativley and make new sound out of that music" --A great wise man

"Spinning is like creating a new world in that room for that one night. You create a one night oblivion where nothing outside that room matters, all that matters is feeling the music and loving every second of it." --Another great wise man

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