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You run (go to club nyc to start game)

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You freak and run into the crowd.

You hear a loud voice behind you,

"HEY..Waiit! Come back here!"

You run through the crowd and keep on running. You look back to see if you lost the person when suddenly you smakck head on to a giant Amp.

you see stars and look up to see a ten ton amp starting to tip towards you. The last thing you hear before the AMP lans on you and crushes you like a pancake is how good the damn bass sounds!

well..I guess if you had to go it might have been like this. Crushed by a phat track!

If you have been a good little clubber in you 'r life click: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/ubb/Forum12/HTML/000208.html



The only thing man has to fear of a dog is his MASTER.

(Mark Twain)

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