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You deside to DJ (game starts at CNYC)

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You look at the dude and up at the DJ booth and say awe what the hell!

You go up in side and catch the trail end of Sanders Kleinbergs set..he looks over at you and nods as he walks away leaving the last track spinning..

You start to sweat and think "Oh my god this is nuts"

You look at the box of records on the floor

and thumb through it..great TRACKS!

And you know all the records by heart.

You quickly look at the booth up and down and

then slap on a 12" of your fav track..it'll do nice in the mix after Sander's last track..

and to your amazement you pull it ofF!

The crowd eats it up and you spin a one and a half hour set before a large balck bald man walks up and taps you on the shoulder..

"hey man..this was supose to be MY set brother but your ripping it up!

You look up and Find non other than Carl Cox in the booth with you..(You almsot faint when you realize you just spun his records)

You nod and let the boss take over..on the way out a promoter catches you by the arm:

"That was great kid..you blew the roof off the house..what do you say we sighn you up on a record label!"

If you accept click: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/ubb/Forum18/HTML/003026.html



"We are connnnected.."

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