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Underground Sound- Audio Updates and Roster News- July 18, 2001

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Underground Sound Audio Mixes

More than 28 mixes (in mp3 format) are available for downloading. We have just recently created a new form for you to fill out, which will automatically activate your audio user account, so if you have not already done so, check out the following link http://www.ugsoundmgmt.com/audio.shtml and register your ugsound audio user account today!

Mixes from the following Underground Sound talent include:

Andy Jarrod (UK)

Kasey Taylor (Australia)

Troy Roberts (San Francisco)

Mac C (New York)

Dylan Drazen (New York)

Paolo Mojo (UK)

Steve Gerrard (UK)

Andy Jarrod's Extrema Festival (Holland) Promo, Mac C's June 2001 and all of the Dylan Drazen entire techno and house archive mixes have just been uploaded and are ready for your downloading/streaming pleasure, track listing can also be found on the audio site. New mixes in the next few weeks from Steve Gerrard, Kasey Taylor and Desyn Masiello! For those of you already subbed the link to the mixes is: http://www.ugsoundmgmt.com/.audio/

You can also check out Steve Gerrard's recently archived mix from BPM Radio at : www.bpmradio.co.uk/archivestra.htm and if you're interested, you can get the track listing here.

Message Board

We have also just added a new message board to the Underground Sound home page. We encourage those of you who have downloaded the audio mixes to post your reviews up on the board, we also welcome any other reviews, suggestions, thoughts, etc. on clubs, current tracks, your favorite dj's and anything else you'd like to chat about. Dont be a stranger, stop by and say "hello" to us!

The direct link to the message board is: http://www.ugsoundmgmt.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi

Congratulations to Kasey Taylor with the success of his latest remix of Pole Folder and CP's 'Apollo Vibes' (Bedrock Records), it continues to rank high in the charts and was most recently slated #8 on the Release Records chart in Toronto and also at #11 this week on Balance Promote's Chart.

Lucien Foort's latest Funk Funktion remix has also debuted this week at #35 on Balance Promote's chart. His remix of Danny and Roland's 'Keep on Rockin' is being released on PRO Recordings in Holland.

To see the entire top 40 charts from Balance Promote and Release Records, click on the chart links for more information.

In the studio, Mac C (NYC) and his partner Ali G (NYC), just recently completed a brand new remix of Underground Sound of Lisbon's "So Get Up", which will be released on Kaos Records of Portugal as the Low End Specialists remix, due to be released in August 2001. Their track just recently debuted this week on Satoshi Tomiie's chart at #7! This information is available on Satoshi's website at : http://www.satoshitomiie.com/sthp2001_eng/index.html


01.KING UNIQUE "Dirty"Junior

02.SATOSHI TOMIIE "Atari" [James Doman Remix] Sony

03.PMT "Deeper Water" [sander Kleinenberg] Acetate

04.VAIIO "Rapture" [Creamer & K. / Deep Dish]Twilo/Ministry

05.NAT MONDAY "Waiting" [Creamer & K.]Distinctive

06.KOT "Finally" [Rulers Of The Deep & Tenaglia Dub]Defected

07.UNDERGROUND SOUND OF LISBON "So Get Up"[Low End Specialists Remix]Kaos

08.SYSTEM F "Exhale" [sander Kleinenberg]Tsunami

09.PLANET FUNK [Deep Dish Remix] CDR

10.DARK PRINCESS "She Loves Me"Brother Brown

11.BEDROCK "Voices" [saeed & Palash] Bedrock

12.WINGIN IT "Wingin It" [Different Gear Remix]white

13.GOLD FRAPP "Utopia" [Tom Middleton] Mute

14.JOHN CREAMER & STEPHANE K. "I Wish You Were Here" [16B Remix]Critical

15.WAY OUT WEST "Intensify" [Peace Division Remix]Distinctive

16.MURK "Tribal America"Junior


18.ADAMANDEVE "Destiny"Honcho Music

19.BEHROUZ "What You Do In Life" Yoshitoshi

20.CHRIS CARGO "Touch The Sky"Choo Choo

21.TRIBAL TWINS "Give Me The Music"Addictive

22.SLAM "Lifetimes" [silicon Soul] Soma

23.MASHUP "Do It, Do It" Plastica Red

24.DEPECHE MODE "I Feel Loved" [Danny Tenaglia] Mute

25.ELECTRIC TEASE "Fever"Automatic

Rumors have it, that Steve Gerrard will have 3 consecutive monthly guest spots at Steve Lawler's monthly Midweek Session at Code in Birmingham, UK, it is very possible this could lead into a new residency for him! Steve just recently did a guest spot at the grand opening of El Campo in Cordoba, Argentina and packed the house in with over 2,800 clubbers!

Looking to catch some of our artists overseas? Just recently Kasey Taylor and Steve Gerrard, have both headlined the main floor at Movement in Kuala Lumpur this past May and June. Desyn Masiello recently headlined at Dbl-O in Singapore on June 23, 2001 and played at Pacha in Buenos Aires this past weekend. Dylan Drazen just returned from his regular appearnace in Spain. Paolo Mojo is off to Pacha at Ibiza on July 21, 2001 for the Enter:Southeast event. Andy Jarrod will be on the main stage at the Extrema Festival in Holland on July 21, 2001. Mac C will also be headlining at Movement (Kuala Lumpur) on August 4th. For more information on DJ schedules please check out the link: http://www.ugsoundmgmt.com/schedules.shtml

Expect to see more of Paolo Mojo and Andy Jarrod in Kuala Lumpur at Movement in the months to come. Not to mention the return of Steve Gerrard to the United States and Paolo Mojo making his U.S. debut. We are currently working on a tour for both Muzik Bedlam winners for the fall, if you're a promoter with a club in the United States or Canada interested in participatig in the Muzik Tour, please contact: [email protected]

Desyn Masiello and Paolo Mojo's label, Symphonic Recordings, has a brand new website! Updated with record release information, European management contact, press and artist updates, be sure to check it out at www.symphonic-music.com. If you need any additional information on Symphonic, please email: [email protected]

email: [email protected]

web: www.ugsoundmgmt.com

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