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The Weekend Report

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Ok, all, here's what went down this weekend in Kove's neighbourhood.

Started out on Friday with a couple of 5-htp's about 2 hours before I was set to roll. My friend showed up with some triple-stacked genies, (li'l genie bottle on them) and I popped one around 2am. Well, by 3:30 I was getting worried because I'd not felt anything, not even a build. As soon as I said that, though, and turned around, I was hit like Mike Tyson.

This was, without a doubt, the best roll I've ever had. Not that I'm too experienced, but this pill was the shit!

So, club closes at 5 and we take a trip to this friend's house for the roll party. (feathers, blacklights, body paint, trippy trance music.) Well, we're driving thru this HUGE and massively intense storm. Now, I've never had tracers before, but I was gettin' them with the lightning. It was SWEET. A great drive.

Anyway, we get to about 15 minutes out from his house and I'm getting the rollercoaster going on. Good little peaks and then nothing for a bit, then peak again. So, I drop another one, knowing that I didn't have shite to do the next day.

Well, we get to his house in about 15, and it feels like it's already starting to peak. Just wild. The music was more intense than I've ever heard, and every sensor in my entire body was just peaked. All in all, just a great night of rolling.

There was one problem, though, and I wonder if anyone's had it. When I dropped the second one, about a half-hour later, I was starting to get sick, like nausea. Now, I was rollin hardcore, but my vision was still focused and all. So, I stand up to go into the kitchen and end up (sorry for this) having to vomit. (dry heaves, actually) After that's over, though, I feel great. My roll is back, and I'm good to go until like 10am when we finally went to bed. This ever happen to anyone?

Ok, this is getting long, but it was a good weekend, so bear with me.

Last night, I hit the club at like 11p, hop up into my booth and start to think about how I'm feeling. I'm not doing all that great, but not bad either. Just feeling kinda puny.

So, 2am I drop the roll, having done the 5-htp about 12m. By 3, I was sweating so bad I couldn't stand it, the whole room was spinning, and I felt like I was about to have a heat stroke. That lasted about 30 minutes, and my club owner came up and dj'd while I sat in front of a fan with some ice on my neck. After that 30 minutes or so, I started to come down and just had the best roll. It was a nice one with supersensative touch, and the hearing was all wild, too.

I ended up being ok, and even dropped again later when the after-party was going on. That just scared me, though. I know that rolling again wasn't the smartest move, so I'll just blame that one on myself. Has anyone else had similar happenings? That heat-stroke feeling was just too much, and I wonder if I got a bad pill or something.

Thanks in advance.


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This has happened to me before bro It comes when you take a lot of 5htp and a a strong roll. You get this feeling like sweating hardcore and throwing up. What I do it take on or two (5-htp) pills before hand and then when I peak take one more 5-htp. It doesn't really help to take more than one roll if they are that strong just take more 5-htp and you'll keep it going.

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