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Legal E

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just came across this on the ministry of sound website:


In a move that has outraged the international community of drug hardliners (or 't.w.a.t.s' for short), The Supreme Court of Switzerland has declared that Ecstasy should be considered legally as a class 'B' drug, in other words as the equivalent of puff! The epic ruling came, despite the court's recognition that E is "by no means a harmless substance", because they did not believe the drug posed a serious threat to its user's health, either mentally or physically. Sweat as.... As a result the all- powerful tribunal has already overturned a year-long sentence doled out by a lesser Swiss court in Berne to a pill merchant busted with over 1000 E's! Mad. The only question is - who spiked the judge? Expect the Swiss tourist industry to boom! See ya there www.ministryofsound.com

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