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E experiences??

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so as you all know form reading my posts i did e last friday. after tha t nast apples pill, its been over 2 months since i did it, the last time bveing inVienna on vacation....

i noticed things that happened as aresult of this "crapppy" x files.

one, i could never emember dreams ever in my life, saturday and sunday nights i had dreams i vividly remember...long ones too...

two, on E, i was the only one rolling..my friend with me was drunk, but thne she sobered up as i dropped, all i did was talk and talk. she likes me, in that way you know, and when you really like someone, whent hey do annoying stupid tihngs you let them because you want them, so i cheweed on pencaps and talked for three hours straight while she rubbed my entire body...not a bad feeling on e. of course it wasnt sexual because this is MDMA....

one more thing...concentration has seemed to improve??? at work here i seem to remember things better and pay more attention to things...

and finally, when i was doing this pill i hasd something happent hat enver happened before...has anyone degaussed their monitor? that button with the u shaped magent and a diagonal line on it..you know how the monitor squiggles, that happened to my vision several times...the entire world just squiggled for a second every 10 minutes...

now you all tihnk im psycho and have too much time.....good.


thanks for reading too...

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