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Cactus tips

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DOnt know if anybody has tried Peyote but there not allot of people know that there are 2 other types of cactus that can give the same effect.

One of the cactus's can be bought over the counter and is not Illegal in any way. The other is as strong as Peyote and is perfectly legal to own but when refined is probably a little dodgey.

There easy to grow, easy to prepare. There are downsides but you can expect a buz thats a cross between LSD & MDA that lasts for 10 hours or so.

One downside it tastes horrible!! This does work it's no blag and it's not just a small buz either it's full on visuals. It's not a recreational drug but it's nice once and a while.

Anyway here a link to some http://www.textfiles.com/drugs/ALT.DRUGS/cac_growgde.drg


I want to go out blazing not fade away.

It's not just about the notes played, it's about the spaces in-between.


[This message has been edited by back2basics (edited 07-13-2000).]

[This message has been edited by back2basics (edited 07-13-2000).]

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