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give me smacky and I'm happy

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Laxidazically swaying with a big cheesy grin and eyeballs constantly flickering to the back of the head

aaaaaaaaaah Good ol' CKs works everytime!

I'm so sick of going hard with all that speedy shit.

I like to go Mitsubishi style if you know what I mean.

I love to boogy, don't get me wrong, but nothing beats floating on an eccy cloud


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It kinda depends on my mood, really.

Sometimes, I need some really speedy stuff that'll make me dance my ass off all nite. Other times, though, there's nothing better than a trancy roll. Pop in my Clubber's Guide to Trance cd's and roll my ass off.

Yup, there's def. a place for mind-numbing rolling.



We are the music makers,

and we are the dreamers of dreams.


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