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How often is not too often to roll? is once every two or three weeks good for you guys? do you get the same feeling each time? or can you notic it dying each time and have to increase dosage? Just curious here, was gonna roll every week like i said but lack of long island supply stopped that...so in college, what doy uo think? once every two or three weeks sounds good but i dont know if ill burn out after a year or so of doin that.....

thanks for your help


ps. anybody know any indian kids, im bored at work and its only monday so ive got these things to think about ya know? i think im the only indian kid that ever shows up at parties or clubs, very weird, i dont stick out in a crowd ya know...i guess this is what diversity means?

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hey vj- no your not the only one - im not indian but my cousin is and we have 3245 million cousins in hydrabad- i think im the only white kid to party on top of the roof tops in bombay- well everyone was lookin at me like i had six heads until about 2 hours into it- then it was the coolest!!- but in terms of rolling- its gonna diminish each time no matter what- it just depends how your body builds a tolerance to it- some kids can only feel it for 10 times- others 400 (yes if seen it!! )- but try to roll only 2-3 weeks- this gives your body ample time to recover from the physical stress imposed upon it by the drug and enough time to regain your seratonin levels- you wont get derpression either- i think is a very big plus!!!-

be young, have fun, do e smile.gif



the most successful people in life only look ahead to the great horizon of possibilities----or could it be obedience to a structured way of life---you decide

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