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--Question regarding intensity and length--

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Confused about this for a while...hypothetical situation

1) I take 1 pill with 100 mg of MDMA.-rest is other crap

2) I take 1 pill with 50 mg of MDMA --more crap than the other pill.

will taking (2) produce effects that are shorter lasting than (1) or will it produce effects that are less intense than (1) or is it a combination? i sense its not a combination cuz otherwise intensity would be proportional to dosage and we all say thats not true, then again ive never had more than 2.5 pills to compare it with...any help is appreciated.


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Less intense. Compare to another substance, say beer. Ya have one in 20 minutes, ya just hafta pee later. Ya have 8 in 20 minutes, looped. You'd probably feel a little relaxed on the 50 compared to using a flashlight to play tic-tac-toe in your eyesight from the tracers with the 100. Make sense? Does to me, but then again, I usually only make sense to me.

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