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Special K - what happened?

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a while ago some of you were writing about going into a K-hole. I've never been interested in K so I didn't take much notice.

Anyway on the weekend I had a ck which was jam packed with K.

I've always been able to handle my pills well but I tell you with complete honesty when I say I went blind for about 20 minutes!

I did not know one person around me (these were all my good friends) and I turned into an absolute retard. I mean I couldn't even talk or understand properly.

It was the worst experience of my life + I was as vulnerable as shit.

Is this normal and if so why do you guys get off on that shit, If not what happened to me. Should I be blaming my dealer?

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also agree that it was DXM, i am yet to try a pill with K.

it's all mind over matter (as i am sure you have heard before). DXM and K are both disassociatives, so it's pretty difficult to obtain control of yourself, AT FIRST. you have to be willing to let yourself fall into this strange trance known as the k-hole, and then keep yourself in check during the trip. i keep telling myself it's just a drug, just keep calm, absorb everything around me, my friends are here just in case something goes wrong, and voila. there you go.

ps. i am told if you fall into a k-hole, and you don't like it, have some sugar--- people swear this works. yet to try it.

good luck, and just don't be so scared next time. smile.gif



*turn it around baby*

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Thanks for the advice guys.

The thing about mind over matter though.

When I was younger I used to take alot of acid (a bad habit I know!) And I was able to contol myself - even on a bad trip I was able to reassure myself that I was just tripping.

But the feeling I had with this pill (that I was informed had heaps of k)was just horrid. It was an uncontrolable loss of, what felt like, my ability to cognatively function. Maybe I'm just a contol freak! Anyway I think I'll stay away from the stuff for good.

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