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E to a science Corections

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A Couple of points in the previous were incorrect but goin in the right direction ths should clear some things up...

1. Neurotoxicity.

neurotoxicity is caused by the breakdown of DOPAMINE by MAO not seratonin. MAO is intended to break down seratonin. However doctors believe when you take MDMA you get a soup of things in your synapses both seratonin 5HT and dopamine. Seratonin has a shorter halflife and gets reabsorbed by the 5HT reuptake transporters, leaving behind free dopamine in the synapse. The 5ht is broken down by MAO or restored, however the docs believe dopamine also gets sucked up the 5HT reuptake transporters later and is attacked by MAO which in turn produces the hydrogen peroxide mentioned earlier and damages the seratonin nerve AXON. The person before had this a little reversed. this brings us to the next points.

2. MAO inhibitors.

Monoamineoxadaise Inhibitors are an oder type of anti-depressant, not usualy prescribed these days, however if you are taking these it is quite dangerous to consume MDMA. This is because MAOI's work by inhibiting MAO what you get is more available seratonin since less is being broken down and you feel happier. If you take MDMA you flood your system with seratonin and have crippled your brain to deal with this excess and you can go into "seratonin syndrome" which is POTENTIALY FATAL. I repeate DO NOT MIX MAOI's with MDMA. this brings us to other antidepressants and preventing neurotoxicity.

3. SSRI's

selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors are the newer and more common anti-depressants, these include prozac, paxil, luvox, zoloft, and celexa. These work by blocking the 5HT reuptake transporter keeping seratonin in the synapse longer and making you happy. Mixing this with MDMA kinda sux because the SSRI blocks MDMA's path, so your not gona feel MDMA very much somtimes not at all. BUT taking an SSRI when comming down off of MDMA will help prevent axon damage because it will block the 5HT reuptakes preventing dopamine and other free radicals from entering the 5HT reuptake. SSRI's ONLY block 5HT reuptakes hece the name "selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors" To prevent neurotoxicity it is best to take an SSRI within 6 hours of beging the comedown from MDMA, most SSRI's are active for 24 hours and this will allow the brain to deal with the dopamine properly. If you are on an SSRI (like me) its best to lay off of them for a day before consuming MDMA to allow MDMA to work better...

4.Other things..

2 factors are involved with "why you dont roll the same after a while" One is that using MDMA uses up alot of seratonin whcih can take up to 2 weeks to build back up. Suplementing your diet with 5HTP during the week can help but layin off MDMA is the best. The other thing that keeps you from rollin hard is what is called "receptor downgrading" Basicaly the ehavy bombardment on the seratonin receptors by 5HT often causes the receptor to retract sort of "disactivating" it for a while its your brains mechanisim for protecting nerv receptors. Once a receptor is downgraded it basically hides out for a while. How long is somewhat unknown. It could take a few weeks, or a few months for them to poke back up and become active again.

Hope this info was usefull...

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Just a warning, somebody recommended St John's wart as an antidepressent to help with the come down. Be aware that St John's wart can have an affect on woman taking birth control pills, makeing them less effective. Just a warning smile.gif

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