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Yes, it works.

Yes, it hits you quicker, and much harder.

Yes, it's a little uncomfortable, burns slightly and feels 'weird' for usually around ten minutes.

No, it doesn't hurt anything 'down there'.

It works well because when you swallow it much of the MDMA gets filtered out. You make use of about 80%-90% of the chemical when you plug it, as opposed to 40%-60% swallowing and 70%-80% railing it.

The further you push it up there, the less it will bother you. If you are a wuss about it and don't push it up far enough, it will burn like a sonuvabitch.

If you crush it and put it in a capsule, it hurts less and hits quicker, but use a small capsule with a slippery surface.

If you plug it whole, and you dance and move around, the sting is more intense but it breaks up quicker and will not bother you as long as it might if you sit still.

You may very well feel the need to 'go' afterwards. Don't. Not for at least forty minutes to an hour, if you can help it. If you're peaking, go ahead, it's been dissolved by that point.

If the roll is plugged, nausea is much less likely, and it doesn't matter if you've had a big meal before hand



Four Simple Words To Live By....

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