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Allergic Reaction to Ecstasy

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Are you allergic to nuts ? The key starting material obtainable from essential oils is safrole. While this component is present in oil of nutmeg there is only about 6% present. A much better source of safrole is oil of sassafras, where it is present at about 80%. Safrole is usually converted to isosafrole for MDMA synthesis. MDMA and MDEA are very different both chemically and in terms of their physiological effects from safrole and it would be a stretch to link allergies to oil of nutmeg with allergies to MDMA/MDEA, but I know of no studies which have looked at this.

That said, people can have severe allergic reactions to nuts, e.g. peanuts, and indeed to peanut oil. Potentially, these persons may be allergic to other nut oils (e.g. oil of nutmeg). It is not clear that if one is allergic to a particular nut oil, that person would also be allergic to other nut oils as well. If a person *is* allergic to oil of nutmeg, then that person could potentially be reacting to the safrole present in nutmeg and could, in turn, be sensitive to MDMA or MDEA.



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has anyone ever heard of an allergic reaction to ecstasy? i got these scratcy hives back in december when i first started using e and then i stopped for a couple months and they went away. i didn't know it was the e that was causing them until i started up again and they came back. has anyone ever heard of this? if so, how can i fix it?

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