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Has anyone tried....

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delerium? It is a solid yellow ball, it contains cocaine, speed, and some other white powder. You do it the same way you would smoke crack. I probably sound totally ignorant here, I don't know much about crack and all that. I was wondering if anyone has tried it? I can't find any info on it, and apparently it is only pretty popular with the gay community right now around here and no one really knows about it. If anyone has any info let me know! Love, SIN

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Never herd of it, you can't smoke cocaine in it's usual form (i know some people will argue with that). You have to "cook" it by adding baking soda, reducing and then crystallizing under a heat lamp, or it doesn't smoke properly.

When cooked cocaine turns into crack. So it doesn't sound right to me.

Unless the other white powder is baking soda and they are cooking cocaine and speed together. What ever stay away, crack or smoking cocaine is not for the faint hearted.


I want to go out blazing not fade away.

I can resist anything but temptation.


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