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New laws and how they could effect you ! ! ! ! !

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I just Read an article about some laws that congress are trying to pass. In fact 1 has already been passed. What these laws do is basically stomp your costitutional rights. The laws make it a federal crime to demonstrate how to make a controled substance, or to distribute any information pertaining to the use of a controlled substance. ( In another words we all could be going to jail for trying to make informed chioces)

A couple of other things you should know.

Under these new laws "Search Warrents" are no longer needed to search your property and that the sale of 20 pills of ecstasy would hold the same punishment as 500 doses of methamphetamine. ---- The artical i read i picked up from a mag called Revolution at my local Blockbuster.----


It's come time to let our voices be heard.

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