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I just started to take E about 2 months ago and I usually take this one. It's round, blue with little white and dark blue dots. On the top there is something like cirkle or half cirkle which is intersect with two little lines. It's called something like EURO.... I don't know. It was always cool but this time I felt high for 10 min and than it made me so slow for the rest of the night.. I didn't wanna dance... . The same my friend. I know it wasn't fake I got it from my good friend. Can anybody tell me anything about them? Could you recommend something better I mean something what gives me speed I had mitsubishi Turbo but it was too much. Something between?

Thx for every advice.

Love Amalka

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Hrmmm...if you want a little speed, but to still be able to chill out, I've got a couple suggestions.


TT's (not the same pill.)

Piecies (sp?) (Have a fish on them)

Aladdins (Li'l genie bottle)

Any of those should do you good. I got burnt on the TT's after a week, though. They didn't hardly affect me the following weekend. I'd say to only do them once.



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