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What is your favorite thing to do while rolling?

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Roll parties are fuggin ILL!!! cwm32.gif

That's BY FAR my favourite part of the night. Don't get me wrong, I roll to increase my sensativity of music, and to get that "higher state of mind". I'll dance my ass off all night, but the roll party after hours is the sweetest.

Here's some common roll party fun things:



Stix, stix and more stix


Multi-person showers cwm32.gif

And, of course, TOTAL TRANCEOUT. Sitting in the blacklight flooded room, someone with sticks, and the most intense trance playing over the system.

Oh! One final favourite thing to do while rolling.

R A V E ! ! !



We are the music makers,

and we are the dreamers of dreams.


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I just take a shower and stay there for a few hours. The pressure feels so good. Or, I'll sit in my vibrating chair. Also, I like to rub my back on the carpet, but it hurts like a bitch the next day. anything to stimulate.


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Depending on where I roll at...

dance my ass off,

mess around with my boyfriend,

or sometimes we have roll parties and we

invite about 10 or 15 people over and I get everyone to play dress up. It is the funniest shit you have ever seen. -SIN cwm27.gif

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