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Help me out, I have no clue what happened to me?!!!

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Ok guys here it goes... you'll probably think its no big deal, or that I'm such ignorant, but this is what happened.

I was at this club in FL, I was rollin my face off, and I'm soo chillin in a big comfy leather couch, all surrounded by really friendly girls... they're gigglin all over between them, and this one girl looks at me and offers me to take a wiff off this lil brown bottle, and maybe cause I had seen Her and her friends doing it for the last 10 mins, I went right ahead and took 2 of the biggest breaths through my nostril off of that bottle; thinking it was some sort of inhaler-effect.

OHH man.... That shit was trippin.. I felt like I was gonna faint, cause It all went straight to my head, and I totally freaked out... I stood up and tried to look for my friends, but I was way too out of it. I was all stumblin and shit, but really, really trippin... The rest of the bad trip story (which , thank god, only lasted for like 10 mins) is not relevant... anyway.. I hope someone has done this shit before, and can tell me what it is, or what could it be... I'd like to get that doubt off my head, maybe learn how it works or somn... Any info or anyone who'd share a similar experience is deeply appreciated. As usual,

Thanx a lot guys...


Peace, Love & Twilo for Everyone!!!

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I found out it was amyl nitrate...

Rush is not as fuct up as this one... The nitrate in Rush is butyl nitrate, this is amyl nitrate, a drug used to speed upo the heart and raise blood pressure...

Damn!! I'm sure stayin away from that shit in the future... and listen, be careful who u trust while on E... We tend to lose sharpness towards people and the world is FULL of malice... U just don't realize it when you're surrounded by nice people...

Whatch out for it guys... Keep it real.


Peace, Love & Twilo for Everyone!!!

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