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Anyone got suggestions?!?

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Im not sure how tight the security will actually be, but you could always try taping the stuff to the inside of your underwear or your body under there. Then just go to the bathroom and take the stuff out and put it in your pocket.

You could try putting a pill or two in those tiny tiny tiny zip lock bags and putting it under your tongue.

You can put the pills on the inside of bubbleicious gum.

Put stuff in the heel of your shoe.

Taped to the underside of your belt.

Taped under your pants behind your knee.

Or you can always plug the pills before you go to the show.

As far as what you should take, that depends on what you like to do. I always liked E and C for long parties, or E and Acid (may be a bit much if you've never done it before). Just do whatever you like to do and will keep your ass movin til the show is over.

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