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parents and drugs

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does anyones parents know about you taking drugs?

mines know about hash but not e or anything else i don't think they would be angry just more disappointed in me if they found out ...but sometimes i think they know i always say no if they ask though

there cool about me smoking hash though i even smoke it with them and get my dad hash sometimes

also i bet nooone got a better present than me for there 18th birthday my mom and dad took me to amsterdam for the weekend

we spent the whole weekend getting stoned i even went to the red light district with my dad (was really ambaresed though)

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Well, I guess at 26 my parents have no right to know much about me anymore! smile.gif

Oh yeah, I find it very strange that my parents have always been so straight, never drink, smoke, no drugs . . . nothing. Damn, what happened to me? ! ?

[This message has been edited by csumaylo (edited 09-29-2000).]

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you got high with your parents?! that is some fuckin crazy shit. if you don't mind me asking, how old are you and your parents?

nopes, no way on earth my parents will ever know. i would love to be open with them, but they both were raised in the rurals of South Korea and i am the 1st generation of my family here in the US... big cultural difference..



*turn it around baby*

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