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Armani's or Rolling Stones "lips", any one had these?


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cwm2.gif Rolling Stones were the weakest I've come acrossed in a while. Very nice looking pill..well pressed and all. Tested with the DanceSafe kit...turned black slowly. MDMA...but must be low amount. One did nothing for me (that doesn't say too much). Even one of the girls we were with didn't hit on one...and she is no regular user.



Do You??


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Had rolling stones 2 weeks ago at Exit. Rolled pretty hard on one, but only for like an hour, then it just disappeared. So i took another one, and felt nuthin for about 2 hours, then i think they both came back and hit me at once, cuz i was FUCKED UP beyond belief at about 3 o'clock in the morning. Not so much that rollin feeling, but just in another world ya know. Completely out of it, had a 10 minute conversation with my friend, and then realized he wasn't even standing there...it was some shit. And all the long ilsand iced teas i had probably had some affect on my state of mind. So anyway, on a scale 1-10, rolling stones are a 6-7.

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