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Help! Anyone know what this stuff is?


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My 16 year old cousin and his dunbass friends got some crap from an online pharmacy.

Ingredients:Sida acuta extract (10%), Rivea corymbosa seed, Maythenus ehrifolia extract, phenylalanine, L-tyrosine, pyroglutamin, gelatin.

Anyone have an idea what this stuff is and what it will do to them?


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sida acuta is an herbal seed which is reported to generate stimulating and euphoric effects. rivea corymbosa is also a plant extract whose believed effects are similar to an LSD-like experience, with relaxed feelings afterwards. not too sure about maythenus ehrifolia. phenylalanine & tyrosine are amino acids which serve multiple functions, but in this product, they are probably added, along with pyroglutamin, for the role that they may play as mood-enhancing aids. gelatin is the binding agent, and is also alot of fun to eat when you're a kid...



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All I know is that L-tyrosine is an active ingredient in aiding thyroid function (i.e. it helps speed up metabolism). And, uh gelatin...do you really need us to explain that one to you? (JK)


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