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Foxy and Mystic

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what'd you read? i saw an article in the new details... one is hallucinatory and the other is aphrodisiacal. also, at least one had tryptamine in it and they were both synthesized by a. shulgin, and they may be semi-legal, although that is questionable due to the law about chemical variants on existing illegal drugs...

that's about all i remember. they didn't give any real sort of chemical description...


*i'm in love with the modern world

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Foxy: 5-meo-dipt

Mystic: 2-ct-7

These are research chemicals and they have not been extensively studied so no one knows of their long-term effects. They are currently unscheduled in the United States but with more articles like the Details article I'm sure they will be scheduled by the DEA soon.

To read up on them check out www.erowid.org/chemicals/2ct7/2ct7.shtml and www.erowid.org/chemicals/2ct7/article1/ www.erowid.org/chemicals/5meo_dipt/5meo_dipt.shtml

These are serious substances that have to be approached with caution. There has been one confirmed death from 2-ct-7, a person snorted 35 mgs (which is a large dose taken in that way) and died after choking on his own vomit. If used responsibly then maybe they can remain unscheduled for some time longer. There are many people who love these substances and would like to keep them available. Do your research and be careful. These are not party drugs.

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