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briniging xtc to the dominican republic........


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need some help guys., im only bringing personal. whats the best way. sould i just put then in my pocket????


TWILO'S WACK !!!! Sorry guys it is

"don't get attached to anything you're not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat coming around the corner"

Robert Deniro


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try putting them in an asprin bottle, make sure the pills are the same size as the asprin or at least close in size. That worked for my buddy going to Brazil. They xray the bag and see the asprin bottle, and just ignore it. Just don't try to bring anything back. US Customs doesn't give two shits what you take out of the country, they care about what you bring in. Good Luck...



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And if you are caught? I'm sure the jails in the Dominican Republic don't include such amenities as cable TV and weightlifting. Think long and hard before doing this. Do you want to spend time in a Third World prison if you are caught? Is it worth the risk?

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I lived in the Dominican REpublic for 5 years and let me tell you..... you are more in danger of someone at customs stealing your hair dryer than you are of them searching you for drugs. Just worry about the US. Once you're in the DR you'll have no problem as long as (like someone said before) you have them in an asprin bottle or something and the pills are all the same size. This measure is more for the US than the DR. Either way, xtc is really easy to get in the DR and it seemed to be better quality. We could order a particular type (say supermans) and just get it w/in a few days down there - direct from Amsterdam. It was that easy. BTW, they have FANTASTIC raves in the capital. Very cool crowds. No cheesyness. cwm35.gif

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