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Taking 5-HTP with E?


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a rule of thumb will be to take it once a day for a week after you drop.

but it really depends on which 5-HTP pills you have and how many happy pills you drop in a session.

the main thing you meed to know is that 5-HTP helps in restoring serotonin.

here is a basic URL about 5-HTP http://herbshop.com/5htpfact.htm


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5-htp is useless if take just before ya drop, you have the preload aleast week before and after, so that probably means every day, lol. It does make a noticable difference


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My bf and I started pre and post loading recently and it works great for the both of us. We preload a few hours before we drop, and let me tell you it's made a huge differece in how I feel. Rolling hasn't been this much fun in a LONG time for me before we discovered 5-HTP. Then, when we come down, we take more 5-HTP so we don't have hang overs and that groggy disconnected feeling the next day. Here's a recipe that we use for preloading. WARNING: DO NOT EAT RIGHT BEFORE OR AFTER. ALLOW ATLEAST 2 HOURS. CAN CAUSE SEVER NAUSEA.


About 24 oz. of juice or a beverage high in fructose or sucrose(e.g. orange)

500 mg 5-HTP

1500 mg L-Tyrosine

1500 mg DLPA

5 g Glutamine

1000 g vitamin C

Empty contents of capsules in to beverage and shake to dillute. Drink atleast 3 hours before dropping along with the vitamin C tablet.


200 mg 5-HTP

Usually taken before going to bed or when coming down.

The 5-HTP capsules can be purchased in 50 or 100 mg capsules. The 100 mg capsules are a better value.

I hope this helps!

BTW, remember to ALWAYS test your pills before hand.



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