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question about k


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Most likely, you'll be confused!!

Maybe like you're not sure whether you really like it or not....trust me, you do! lol.

Not doing alot or too many close together is a good idea. I did two really big bumps my first time and that stuff knocked me off my feet and I didn't know what the hell my brain was doing.

It gets better the more you do it and also how good your pills are if you're rolling simultaneously.

I hope you like it. Not everybody likes it. HAVE FUN!!!



You're only young once

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CONFUSED!!!! but you will love it..

sometimes my friends say the funniest shit when we are on K...omg!!!

Actually ..i noticed i say WHAT??? huh??? what was i saying??? ALOT!!

maybe i say the funniest things...lol ..



I am not afraid of tomorrow. I have seen yesterday and I love today.

I dont cry because it ENDED--> I smile because we HAPPENED..

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i'm trying k for the 1st time this weekend. i've been asking all my friends about it and the best advice i got was to keep sugar with you. if you happen to take too much and fall into a hole, some candy, oj, or soda will pull you right out. in general, i hear it makes your roll so much better. have fun and be safe. cwm9.gif

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