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Actually it is a pretty easily available painkiller. Find someone who had a shoulder surgery or similar and you will be set.

You can also find mail order pharmacies on the web that will send it to your house.

Use a search engine...


"Nobody picks on a strong man." - Atlas

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Vic's are getting harder and harder to get nowadays with all the media attention. The online pharms are a gamble...Find your neighborhood valium/xanax dealer...he'll be able to get them. Usually run 3-5 dollars a pill for 7.5 Just don't take too much at one time or the acetimenofen (sp) will kill your liver.


Do You??


This information is not intended to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions, or adverse effects. If you have questions about the drug(s) you are taking, check with your health care professional. This information is provided as a guide only. cwm2.gif

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Hmmm....or if you have friends that work in the pharmacy, lol....they usually steal pills and sell them. Unfortunately they are risking a federal offense, but hey, if they're stupid enough, lol. Otherwise, yeah, find someone who has had a surgery.


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receipient of breast implant surgery are automatically prescribed an Rx for vicodins/percocet - w/ a qty of 40pills - and 2 refills.


go find yerself a big boobied babe and your set =P


im not the average gerl in yer video -

and i aint built like a supermodel -

but ive learned to love myself unconditionally because i am a queen!!


am i less of a lady if i dont wear pantyhose?? -

my momma always said a lady aint about what she wears its all about what she knows!!--

............... "ouT 4 doL"


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