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Info from "what is BZp, TFMPP, DPT, Salvia (long!!!)

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Scroll to the substance of your choice or read each one if your curious...all pretty interesting

DPT (same as DMT) Trip Report:

I took a mirror and 'ice scraper' and prepared the powder for inhalation, taking it in two lines to the left nostril. I sat in front of the computer for a moment, feeling the sting as the powder settled into place. I set myself to idle on IRC and beat a quick retreat to my room, where I lit candles on my altar and performed a quick centering exercise. I decided then to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, to clear the space for the experience to come. I realized as I began it that I should probably have done it *before* plugging a nostril w/ powder, as the vibrations of the names were coming out w/ less force and conviction than I would have wished and the drip beginning was rather unpleasent. nonetheless, I completed the ritual and sat in meditation, marking down my starting time and some opening notes.

Well, I sat in meditation for about 5 minutes, if that, sniffling and twitching as the DPT began to take effect. I became increasingly restless, and left my circle to go wander in my apartment, settling in one place, then another, putting on music, turning it off, typing the occasional message to people on IRC, and pacing a bit more. The DPT was definately taking effect, but the coming up process was a wee bit rough...I was extremely cold, I was trembling for other reasons than just the cold, and my nostril was numb and irritated at the same time. Drinking water had a strange, numb feeling to it. I endured for awhile, and became increasingly confused as I started to ramp up. at some point I went from the front of the space where the glass brick window are back to the computer and discovered that I was having great difficulty typing. I took that as my cue to retreat back into my room.

I lay down under the blankets and put on music (an album called Sunyata, by Vas. excellent stuff for the occasion). I began breathing and reminding myself to flow w/ the experience. I had *not* been having a good time up to this point, or rather the enjoyable effects were being outweighed by the nasal drip, the confusion and the heavy bodyload. As I warmed up and entered a trance state, I became much more comfortable. I became acutely aware of the pentagrams I had drawn earlier, and their presence comforted me...I was rapidly peaking.

This material is a strong ego-destroyer...I felt my mundane self slip away in shreds and tatters, as I accelerated into a trance-state in which I was only aware of my body as a mass of prickling and flowing energy, w/ the spiky, baroque character that is a hallmark of the tryptamines for me. As 'I' regained some sort of equilibrium, I found a 'thread'. I don't know quite how else to decribe this, but it is something that is not uncommon for me, even in deep meditation...it's like something is pulling me, from a specific direction outside of me. This one began below and to the left, in relationship to my prone form. I began reeling in this thread, following it to where it led. it spiralled and twisted back on itself, and eventually it seemed that I had lost it..but I was wrong. It lead me to a space full of the most fantasic Beasts I had ever seen, like gigantic faberge slugs w/ tentacles riding the crest of a dyed-agate sea w/ gorgeous non-euclidean cliffs of sparkling jewels.

I saw a vision of myself in a circle, around a campfire, with several other warriors with angular faces and paint of green and black on their faces. We were trippin' *hard* and playing drums and rattles, w/ huge grins on our faces. I had a sense that one face of the tryptamine entity which had existed since the dawn of time is the face of the Warrior, who is a guide to right living and an inexhaustible source of strength. That this face was as ancient and as wise as the Living Mother of Earth face which I was familiar w/ from mushroom excursions...merely to have survived this experience was a source of a great upwelling of joy in me.

I took a shower, reveling in the sensation of cleanliness and rebirth. I was still flying high when I got out and returned to the computer to take some notes and tell some people that I was doin okay. Eventually, I returned to a more reasonable semblance of 'baseline', around 11:00 pm. I was down to baseline proper by 12:30.

All in all, a joyous and life-affirming zoom, one that put me triumphantly back in touch w/ an important root of my spiritual practice. *But*, by itself, it isn't the kind of thing that I would post...what is still amazing me is what happened the next day.

The Dream: I was in a wonderful mood, having landed a job that looks like it will be just what I need to move into the next phase of my life. I spent several hours upon returning from the interview chatting w/ IRC folks (a popular pastime for me...I'm an unrepentent IRC addict) and eventually settled down to read a real, paper book on my couch. I had woken up for business hours on a monday morning, unusual for me, and found myself drifting off to sleep...

I dreamed that I was living in our warehouse apartment, maybe three years from now. It was substantially different than it is now (I should note that many of my dreams are of the 'it's like the warehouse, except different' variety, these days), w/ many more people living in it and decorations I can only describe as blade-runneresque. Most of the early dream involved a large party we were hosting...but after the guests left, I climbed up on my top bunk (I actually sleep on a futon on the floor, but like I said, this was different) and, filling a syringe w/ DPT, injected it into my thigh and lay down.

Immediately the drug hit me, sending a carrier wave through my entire body and bringing a tremendous blast of flanging, spiky-baroque, distinctly tryptamine energy. I felt rocketed out of my form, down a tunnel, and peaked out in an ego-shattering burst of rainbow light. I was in a vast, formless space, and the flanging sounds resolved themselves into a voice that sounded like someone whispering through a vocoder. The voice asked me a couple of questions and told me a thing or two (I get the impression I'm not supposed to go around saying what, so I won't) and began to fade as I came back into my body...and discovered, much to my suprise, that I was napping on my couch. now, this was one of the most intense psychedelic/tryptamine experiences of my life. Brought on by a dream.

Salvia Trip Report:

This was my first time, and I guess I was lucky, because it was amazing. I was a bit chicken, after reading some reports of it being more powerful than 5 grams of mushrooms and that sort of thing, so for my first time I only used about half of a bowl. I prepared a bed, lined with about 10 pillows, so I was definitely comfortable. I had no lights on, and had Peter Gabriel's Passion Sources album playing softly.

I first took a small hit, and then a large one which I held for a long time. The first thing to happen was for my vision (I could still see a little, from a small digital clock in the room) to just spin out of control, into a tunnel. I got a bit nervous, reaching for the light. With the light on, I felt a little strange, but no visual activity, so I mustered up some courage, shut off the music and shut it back out. I layed back and relaxed.

What happened was wonderful. At first I kept switching realities. This is something that has been happening to me at random lately, even when not on anything, but not like this. Usually I just feel like I was just somewhere else, and I have a thought in my head that I FEEL has something to do with where I just was. (I know that sounds strange) But I very rarely get even a whole distinct thought. Well with the salvia, I was completly somewhere and someone else. I lived a complete life, had a complete memory of this life, and was was just putting something on a shelf when I snapped back here to who I am. This sort of thing happened about three times. In one of them, the only thing I was aware of was that someone had just let out a blood curdling scream. I was back here instantly, although I was scared that someone in my house had just heard that scream, but luckly it wasn't me screaming.

After this I just enjoyed some morphing color patches. They were not very bright, but very beautiful. Then the plant starting to talk with me. It was definatly female. I felt as if my mother was holding me as an infant, but unlike my mother- - This was somehow more comforting. I felt better than I have ever felt in a trip. I felt more comfortable than with opium if you can believe it. I talked with the plant for about a half an hour. The effects wore off, and I just layed there astonished for about 2 hours. I just sat up and started typing at 3am.

Greatest plant experience of my life. The plant was very intelligent, Some of the things discussed were intensely personal, and some were the plant's own feelings, which is something I have never experienced. I am sorry I am so blunt about just bluting this thing out, without all that much explanation or analysis, but I am just blown away.

BZP/TFMPP Trip Reports:

The dose above is a guess. These were purple pills passed off as ecstasy. They tested negative and dancesafe.org reported that they contain bzp and tfmpp in a 1:4 ratio. Not knowing how much is in these pills in the way of binders, I would guess they might contain around 50 mg of bzp and 200 mg of tfmpp. Probably not much more. Maybe significantly less.

Anyway, though I knew these pills were fake, I heard lots of reports second-hand that these were still good. People said they felt like they were rolling, only a little different. And some bzp/tfmpp trip reports on erowid.org also suggested a roll-like feel from this combination. So my friends and I decided to try them.

10pm -- apartment -- we all (3 men, 3 women) smoke some weed.

11pm -- strip club -- four of us take pills as follows:

me (male, 200 lbs): 1 2/3 pill.

jeff (180 lbs): 1 1/3 pill.

janice (130 lbs): 1 pill.

jessica (110 lbs): 1 pill.

(fake names)

Slow come on of the pill over about 30 minutes. Music starts to sound a little better, my head starts bobbing. There is a definite speedy edge to it--I wish I had some g to take this edge off, but I don't.

Midnight: Wow, this is a lot like rolling. It would totally fool me. Things feel better, the lights look better, the music sounds better. I have a ton of energy and would love to dance on this stuff. Instead, I get a lap dance which feels great (though i find myself trying to talk to the dancer as she's dancing, getting to know her. Also, no erection at all).

At this point, it is a lot like rolling. Mint gum and vick's inhaler are great. Touching, music and lights are enhanced. Danger: Severe jaw clenching--worse than e, at least for me. I bit my tongue hard and I felt like I could have broken teeth if I wasn't careful. Also, unable to pee. The jaw clenching and the inability to pee only lasted about 2 1/2 hours into the trip. Another effect that lasted all night was radical body temperature changes--again, worse than e for me. Sudden severe chills, then too warm, etc.

1:30: I tried a menthol cigarette, which I love when rolling, and I can't finish it. It tastes like ashes in my mouth--disgusting. And I find that I cannot get the taste out of my mouth the rest of the evening no matter what I drink or chew. I feel some nauseau--worse for me than on e, but I divert my attention from it and avoid getting sick. One of the women in our group is not so lucky and she gets sick.

1:30 (still): At this time, there are some changes happening. For the last 2 hours, I was very talkative with my friends, like when rolling. Very interested in their lives and shit. Now I don't want to speak to anyone. I don't even like to look around the room. It overwhelms me. I don't like my g/f touching me. Too much stimulus. I shut my eyes and bob my head to the music. The music and the flashing lights through my closed eyelids are all the stimulation I can handle. The thought of a lap dance does not sound pleasant.

2:15: Everyone feels overstimulated by the music, people, noise, sights, etc. at the strip club, so we leave to check out an after hours club (though I suspect it will be more of the same).

2:30: Standing in line for the club, I want as little stimulation as possible. I stand still, sway a little and don't talk to anyone. There is still too much going on. Then we get into the club and it is dizzying and disorienting. I make an effort to 'go with it' by hitting the dance floor and grooving to the techno beats. However, all I can do is stand there and bob my head a little. Even that gives me a rush of dizziness every time I open my eyes.

3am: None of us can handle the after hours lounge, so we go back to the apartment. My g/f turns on a disco ball (though I think that is a mistake) and I put on some latin guitar music that we have enjoyed chilling to before when coming down from e.

I can't handle sitting in the living room with people, so I just go lay down in bed. Now I start really tripping. Lots of closed eye visuals. Temparature still going from hot to cold. And still very wired--no way I'm going to sleep any time soon.

Anyway, at this point it reminds me of the last time I tried to ride out a 16 mg foxy ride, only without the positive sexual effects. My g/f and I try having sex and it HURTS to get oral sex or to have sex, like I'm too erect or too sensitive or something. My g/f confirmed later that it really sucked for her too. Even ignoring the pain I felt, I could sense that no orgasm would have come no matter what.

So we go back to laying down. The cd ends and in the silence our minds race. My g/f can't handle it and asks for more music. During this time all 4 of us our regularly getting up to get water or go to the bathroom. My mouth is permanently dry no matter how much I drink.

Anyway, that was pretty much the way things were for the next TWELVE HOURS!! Wanting to sleep and stop tripping, but unable to. This was not a good come down/chill experience. There was no left over euphoria like when coming down from e. The music did not sound wonderful, just intense.

I guess I have a pretty good mind set or got lucky, because I was able to fall in and out of sleep from 8am on. The 110 lb. girl and the 180 lbs. guy said they got no sleep. Finally around 3pm the next day, they went home.

After effect include a head ache that lasts 4-8 hours. Don't think you can escape it. We all got it. We also all felt pretty shitty in general for the next 2 days. Plus we had no appetite--food might sound good, but then taste crappy when you started eating.

Conclusion: NOT WORTH IT. The first 2 hours or so are sweet--amazingly close to rolling. Then it is followed by 12 hours of sleepless tripping and annoying body sensations and then a headache. Then it is followed by over 24 hours of crappy funk.

Theories on future use: My theory (and I have no medical training) is that the main effect of these drugs is to open your senses more than normal. So everything is more intense and stimulating. For the first two hours or so as this comes on, it feels kind of like rolling because you are getting more input from the sounds, sights and touches. However, the input keeps getting more intense until it is too much and you no longer enjoy it. It is sensory overload of a bad kind. It makes you nauseaous, uncomfortable and you want to shut it out. At some point, the drug becomes trippy. I think this could be a side effect of the heightened openness of your senses (i.e., light coming through your eyelids making shapes that mimics having closed eye visuals). My g/f thinks it is true tripping (assuming there is a difference). So the three stages are: rolling, sensory overload, tripping.

Potential future use of these pills: First, if you have 16 hours to kill and a couple days to recover and you really like tripping, maybe these pills would be fun for you. Second, I have started wondering what a lower dose might do, particularly if you had some g or other depressant to take the edge off and let you sleep when you wanted to. Specifically, if I took 1/3 of the dose I took before (maybe half a pill) would the sensory awareness only become 1/3 as intense? Maybe it would only go to the point where it felt like rolling and no further? Maybe it would only last 1/3 as long so I could get to sleep later without a whole night of tripping? Maybe the next day head ache and crappy feeling would be 1/3 as intense? Well, it is something to think of.

Based on my personal theory that these drugs open your senses which, at a certain level, feels like rolling, and then, at a more intense level, feels bad, then it would seem that a lower dose might be much more enjoyable. I've got to get some courage before I try it, though.

As it stands now, though, these are far below E for overall experience.



Do You??


This information is not intended to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions, or adverse effects. If you have questions about the drug(s) you are taking, check with your health care professional. This information is provided as a guide only. cwm2.gif

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